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Trading is a science, a skill and a disciplined behavior. It is all about getting your calculations right. This requires consistence time and effort which is not so easy with other work commitments. So, We believe in doing some meaningful and impactful work in this space by helping our clients create wealth by using 11 years of trading strategies in the financial markets with the help of our mathematical number crunching skills.

We believe that the single most important thing responsible for growth of your portfolio is diversification. We can't stress enough just how important it is! Diversification enables you to achieve 3 important goals at the same time:

  • It limits risk..
  • Capitalize profits into account and..
  • All important factors that may come into play in the following years like a collapse of financial system, and lack thereof..

We are talking about Commodities like precious metals (GOLD) in terms of Trading. This model of Trading Investment/management can be discussed in details over a cup of a Tea/coffee..


1. If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advices. We are not an Expert or Advisor.
Financial Stock market is not a Luck or Speculation, it's a Mathematical Calculation.

2. Does trading seem illogical to you? Have you seen the price always go against you just to take you out and then continuing in your original direction?

3. Bullionbulls has learned how big institutions look at retail traders and pushing the price in their opposite direction to get the best entry.

Bullionbulls's view on the markets. Why does the price do this? Well, definitely not for us as retail traders' benefit, but to give the institutions and all the big players that are trading the Forex market the best prices to buy. In fact, it is them pushing the price up with big orders at the start of the week which gives them their best prices to buy or sell at later. This is not to say there is no success being a retail trader but in our opinion, it is more of a gamble using trend lines and basic support and resistance and everything like flag patterns etc that retail traders use. The institutions know this and play against you for that reason. How many times have you placed a trade that was stopped out to the pip and then it went and flourished in your direction just to hit your original take profit… Yes, We know a lot of people will say "Oh well that's just trading but We have no such theory". Our theory is if you are not playing with the smart money you are untimely fooling yourself not to say you won't make profits but trust me, you will continue to get burned as this was also me a years ago.